Adani ranked fourth in the list of world's billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg's condition critical

Adani's current net worth

Out of the Top 10 Billionaires in the world, 2 Indian billionaires have joined. At the same time, the wealth gap between the two billionaires is increasing. On the one hand the owner of Adani Group is Gautam Adani and on the other hand the owner of Reliance Industries is Mukesh Ambani. Both are present in the list of top 10 billionaires in the world. But the assets of the owner of Adani Group are $ 45 billion more than the owner of Reliance Industries.

In the case of Gautam Adani wealth, the owner of the Adani Group, he stands out from all the billionaires in the world. Because their wealth is increasing day by day at double the speed. Along with this, he has also spread his business. According to the current updated list of Forbes, Gautam Adani's net worth has crossed $140 billion. With such a huge wealth, he is the fourth richest person in the world. While have moved on to the third place, because Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is currently in third place and his total net worth is $ 162.7 billion.

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