In 10 years from 11th position to 5th position, Indian economy slips to 6th position of UK

India has set a new record on the economic front.  India has overtaken Britain to become the fifth economy in the world.  Now only four countries are ahead of India and those countries are America, China and Japan.  With this, India moved Britain a step back, which has now reached the sixth position.  If we talk about a great fact, then 10 years ago today, India was ranked 11th in the list of largest economies.  Whereas in just 10 years, India has moved Britain from fifth place to sixth place.

10 वर्षों में 11वें पायदान से 5वें पायदान पर, भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था ने ब्रिटेन को 6वें पायदान पर खिसकाया 

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